Monday, April 27, 2015
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Gearing up for 2016! Alaska Democrats adopt 2016 Delegate Selection Plan.
Intern Fellowship Openings
ADP is now accepting applications for summer internships. Click below for more information.
Vote! Anchorage, don't forget to vote on Tuesday, May 5th in the mayoral runoff election.
Strong Families, Strong Middle Class How do you think we can support working families in Alaska and strengthen the middle class?

Alaska Democratic Party

Ethan Berkowitz for Mayor

Businessman and former Democratic legislator Ethan Berkowitz is running for Mayor of Anchorage.

Ethan and his wife, Mara Kimmel, first met at the old Fly By Night Club and are now raising their children Ziva and Noah in West Anchorage. Between school and soccer, skiing on the Coastal Trail (when there’s snow) and grocery shopping, the four enjoy growing food in their garden, cooking, fishing, reading, travelling and the company of friends and family.

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Victory in the Governor's Race

Thanks to everyone who voted and volunteered for the Unity Ticket of Bill Walker and Byron Mallott!

Walker and Mallott overcame more than a million dollars of last minute Washington DC attack ads.  This victory is tremendously important so we can begin fixing Sean Parnell's deficits, reforming the National Guard, and restoring Alaska's economic vitality.

In a victory for civil rights, Byron Mallott is the first Alaska Native elected statewide.  Thanks to everyone who voted in this important election!


Outside Money Pours Into Alaska

The Koch Brothers are pumping even more money into Alaska, setting up an Americans for Prosperity office and running misleading Generation Opportunity ads.  The Koch Brothers continue to run misleading TV ads, including one that criticizes Senator Begich's attendance at votes despite the fact he has the best attendance record in the Alaska delegation.
Dan Sullivan's family members from Ohio have contributed most of the money to his personal Super PAC, including a $300,000 "hail mary" to save Sullivan's primary election bid.  Sullivan scraped through the primary with only 40% of the vote.
Outside billionaires like Paul Singer continue to pump money into attack ads.  Singer just contributed a million more dollars to Karl Rove's SuperPAC, which is supporting Dan Sullivan.
Karl Rove’s group American Crossroads has announced a $7.3 million ad buy.  The National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, for whose vice-chair Dan Sullivan’s brother raises money, has announced a $2.2 million ad buy.  In addition to these recent ad buys, Outsiders including the Koch Brothers already have spent $2.9 million on false attack ads against Senator Begich.  Dan Sullivan’s Ohio father, brother, and close business associate have contributed over $100,000 to a pro-Sullivan SuperPAC, representing over 80% of the SuperPAC’s contributions.

The Koch Brothers have a $400 million network of organizations that are attempting to buy elections.  Organizations including Americans for Prosperity, American Energy Action, Heritage Action, 60 Plus Association, Freedom Partners, the Center for Government Accountability and many more organizations receive funding from the Koch Brothers' "secret bank."  The Koch's secret bank has written checks for as much as $63 million to organizations in its network.  Investigative reporting has revealed that the Koch Brothers are intimately involved with American for Prosperity's political decisions, despite their claims to the contrary.  The Koch Brothers have spent more money on attack ads in Alaska than any other group.  Over and over, independent fact checkers like Politifact and have found the Kochs' ads to be false and misleading.

In Alaska, the Koch Brothers have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on television ads, an unknown amount of money on internet ads, and hired staff for the astroturf Alaska Chapter of Americans for Prosperity for the 2014 election cycle. The Koch Brothers are spending $400,000 on a a tax ad against Senator Begich that Politifact deemed "mostly false."  Americans for Prosperity coordinated with another Koch-supported organization, Center for Government Accountability, to host an anti-health care town hall in Anchorage that masqueraded as a non-partisan forum.  Press reports revealed that anonymously-funded websites discouraging Alaskans from seeking health care appear to be operated by Koch-backed organizations.

The Washington, D.C.-based organization Americans for Prosperity, which is funded by the Koch Brothers, is attacking Senator Begich with multiple misleading television ads.  Americans for Prosperity spent approximately $100,000 on a misleading ad in which a Maryland actress presents herself as an Alaska voter.  Americans for Prosperity spent at least $421,000 on separate television ads in Alaska related to the Affordable Care Act, and at least $13,070 worth of radio ads.  In the radio ad, an individual named "Julie" claims that she won't be able to "pick her own doctors."  This claim is inaccurate, of course: the Affordable Care Act not only allows individuals to pick their own doctors, but also expands the number of insurance options and therefore doctors consumers can choose. deemed this advertisement "false."

The Outside group "Judicial Crisis Network" is running attack ads against Senator Begich because he voted to confirm judges and fill judicial vacancies.  This group, which claims not to have political motives, also is running ads against other Democrats who are up for reelection in 2014.  The cost of the ads is $100,000.

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