AK Republican Federal Delegation Sold Your Browser History To The Highest Bidder
Over the past two weeks, Republicans in the US House and Senate--including Senator Lisa Murkowski, Senator Dan Sullivan, and Representative Don Young--voted to repeal the Federal Communications Commission's 2016 broadband privacy rules giving consumers the power to choose how their ISPs use and share their personal data.  In fact, Senator Sullivan was a cosponsor of the bill.

This means that broadband internet providers like GCI and AT&T will be able to sell our sensitive, private information without our permission.  President Trump is expected to sign this resolution into law in the next few days.

Reversing those protections is a dream for cable and telephone companies who want to capitalize on the value of personal information such as app downloads, precise geo-locations, and even financial and medical data.  And it's no surprise that Republicans back network executives that want to produce the highest return for shareholders by selling consumers’ information. The problem is they are selling something that doesn’t belong to them.

Alaskans value our privacy so much that these protections were included in Section 22 our state constitution. This legislation is just another example of Republican officials being completely out of touch with their constituents.  Let them know how you feel about this infringement on our privacy rights by contacting their offices:

Senator Murkowski:
DC  (202)-224-6665
Anchorage  (907) 271-3735
Fairbanks  (907) 456-0233
Juneau  (907) 586-7277
Mat-Su Valley  (907) 376-7665
Kenai  (907) 283-5808
Ketchikan (907) 225-6880

Senator Sullivan:
DC  (202)-224-3004
Anchorage  (907) 271-5915
Fairbanks  (907) 456-0261
Juneau  (907) 586-7277
Mat-Su Valley  (907) 357-9956
Kenai  (907) 283-4000
Ketchikan  (907) 225-6880
Representative Young:
DC  (202) 225-5765
Anchorage  (907) 271-5978
Fairbanks  (907) 456-0210

Alaskans aren't for sale, and neither is our private data.  Shame on these Republicans for pulling the plug on our internet protections.