Tomorrow at noon there is a rally to protest the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch, at the offices of Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Dan Sullivan.

Where: 510 L Street, downtown Anchorage

When: tomorrow (4/4) at noon

Why this is important: Neil Grouch is the most extreme, politically motivated SCOTUS nominee since Robert Bork. Back then, Congressional Republicans opted not to push forward with the "nuclear option" for Bork, but instead withdrew their pick and nominated Anthony Kennedy, who was confirmed by a bipartisan vote.

Today, our political landscape is much different. On both a national and local level, the Republican Party has drastically changed and shifted to the right to a dangerous degree. That is why it is so important to stay vigilant and fight for rational governance.

We urge Senators Murkowski and Sullivan to suggest that their Party change the nominee instead of the rules. Don’t throw away 230 years of Senate tradition to confirm an extremist to a lifetime appointment on the bench.

The 60 vote threshold and an independent judiciary act as checks against Trump’s worst impulses. Nuking the filibuster to confirm Gorsuch weakens both of those safeguards. There is still time to salvage some amount of bipartisanship in Congress; going "nuclear" will just bring us in the opposite direction.