Today, Donald Trump unveiled his first comprehensive budget. Budgets are about priorities, and Trump’s first full budget proposal makes clear that he puts the interests of the wealthy like those in his cabinet over working American families.  

We need you to contact Republican Senators Lisa MurkowskiDan Sullivan, and Don Young to fight back against this budget, which has been described as a Caricature of Conservative Cruelty.

Trump's proposed budget...

  • Makes massive cuts to programs that disproportionally affect the lower- and middle-class: Medicaid, college loans, public schools, middle and working class tax credits and other programs that help working parents and families will see billions of dollars in decreases – all to fund his massive tax giveaway to the wealthy and $1.6 billion in funding for his ridiculous and unfeasible Border Wall fantasy.
  • Imperils the health of working families: cuts include hundreds of millions from children’s health insurance, medical research, disease prevention, and other programs critical to the health of Americans.
  • Attacks Planned Parenthood: for the first time in history, the president’s budget prohibits Planned Parenthood from participating in any program funded through Congress’s annual Labor-HHS bill. This includes Medicaid, the Title X program, HIV prevention grants, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) grants, cancer screening programs and other critical health services offered by Planned Parenthood.
  • Assaults students, teachers and public education: cuts funding to public schools and student loan support while shifting $1.4 billion to a “School choice” program that effectively puts the United States on a path to the privatization of public schools. 
  • Slashes safety net programs:  attacks an array of programs that support working families – especially children – including SNAP food stamps, benefits for the disabled, children’s health insurance, and even the child tax credit and earned income tax credit.

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PLEASE CONTACT Alaska's Federal Delegation to let them know that this budget draft is unacceptable:

Senator Lisa Murkowski:  
Anchorage 907-271-3735
Fairbanks 907-456-0233
Juneau 907-586-7277
Mat-Su Valley 907-376-7665
DC 202-224-6665

Senator Dan Sullivan:
Anchorage 907-271-5915
Fairbanks 907-456-0261
Juneau 907-586-7277
Mat-Su Valley 907-357-9956
DC 202-224-3004

Representative Don Young:
Anchorage 907-271-5978
Fairbanks 907-456-2010
DC 202-225-5765