Where: 15905 E. Outcrop Circle in the Butte.

The picnic area is in the field below the house, between the big and little Falk Lakes.


From Palmer: Take the Old Glen highway south across the Matanuska River Bridge, about 4.5 miles after the bridge and just beyond the abandoned ferris wheel, turn right on Bodenburg...

From Anchorage: Take the Old Glen highway exit from the Glenn/Parks Highway before you cross the rivers. Continue north about 12.5 miles (you will pass by the south end of the

Bodenburg Loop with its flashing light), at the north end of the Bodenburg Loop turn left onto Bodenburg...

Once On Bodenburg: ...Proceed about 1/4 mile to Falk Lane (its the first right). Turn right on Falk Lane and proceed about 1/4 mile to Outcrop Circle (you will have passed 3 driveways on your left before you get to Outcrop). Turn left on Outcrop Circle. Proceed to the end.

15905 is the driftwood-colored house with green trim.

Parking: Park along the road, being careful not to block the neighbors’ driveways. Handicapped parking is down the driveway on the right with parking near the house.

If you get lost: Call 232-4631.