• Home of Bill and Patrice Parker (map)
  • 1550 H Street
  • Anchorage, AK, 99501
  • United States

Hosted by: Bill and Patrice Parker, Mark Begich, Kayla Epstein, Kendra Kloster, Forrest Dunbar, Joelle Hall, Pam Tesche, Jake Metcalfe, Teeny Metcalfe, Trish O'Gorman, Sheila Selkregg, Rod McCoy, Tod Butler, Ted Madsen, Kay Brown, Sarah Haltness, Mary Ann Renkert, Steven Johnson, Shawnalee Whitney, and Representatives Chris Tuck, Matt Claman, Les Gara, David Guttenberg, Harriet Drummond, Andrew Josephson, Jonathan Kreiss-Tompkins, Scott Kawasaki and Geran Tarr. 

Swing by Bill and Patrice's home, conveniently located right downtown, when you get off work on Tuesday and help support the newest addition to our Democratic caucus in the Legislature in her first election campaign!