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Pete Kelly Doubles Down on Anti-Contraception Comments

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March 24, 2014

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Pete Kelly Doubles Down on Anti-Contraception Comments

No Republicans condemn trend of Dyson and Kelly’s anti-woman comments

ANCHORAGE:  Senator Pete Kelly is doubling down on his opposition to contraception, claiming it “may not work” for women who binge drink.  In a lengthy floor speech, Kelly elaborated on his support for pregnancy tests in bar and restaurant bathrooms and his reservations about birth control.  He responded to criticism of his previous comments on the subject, stating “It got caught up in the blogosphere it got turned into some kind of a war on women or something like that, but that’s not important.”  Kelly also took to his Facebook page in defense of his controversial comments, only to draw the ire of his Facebook followers.

“Pete Kelly’s going all out with the War on Women, but from his defensive comments it looks like Alaska women may be winning,” said Kay Brown, Executive Director of the Alaska Democratic Party.

On Friday (VIDEO), Senator Pete Kelly (R-Fairbanks) said “he is declaring war on fetal alcohol syndrome disorders” by putting free pregnancy tests in bars and restaurants.  In response to a question in the interview, Kelly rejected efforts that would encourage use of birth control: “This assumes that if you know you are pregnant you’ll act responsibly.  Birth control is for people who don’t want to act responsibly.”

Senator Kelly’s comments came just two weeks after his GOP colleague Fred Dyson inaugurated what was labeled “the new Alaska war on women” by encouraging women to stop drinking lattes if they can’t afford birth control, and suggested that women can airlift birth control to Alaska.

Alaska Republican have not apologized for or condemned Senator Kelly or Senator Dyson’s offensive comments, or expressed concern about the trend of anti-woman statements being made by Republican politicians.

Family planning could reduce the number of abortions by 360 per year, according to a recent study.  In addition to reducing the number of abortions, data suggest that wider availability of contraception could reduce Alaska’s highest-in-the-nation rate of certain sexually transmitted diseases.


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