The Alaska Democratic Party releases 2020 delegate selection plan and shift from caucus system to party-run presidential primary

ANCHORAGE: Alaska Democrats have adopted a delegate selection plan for the 2020 Democratic National Convention. The Alaska Democratic Party’s Executive Committee adopted the delegate selection plan on May 2, 2019. The plan details how the ADP will select its delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention. This convention, where Democrats from across the country will select their presidential candidate will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from July 13-16, 2020.

“We are very excited about 2020,” said Casey Steinau, Chair of the Alaska Democratic Party. “We not only have a new and better delegate selection process, and a true primary system in the state, we have a slate of incredibly qualified, articulate, smart candidates who are ready and able to steer our country back on course.”

Any registered Democrat is able to participate in our presidential preference process. The 2020 process will feature electronic voting and in person voting at voting centers across Alaska. The first determining step of Alaska’s delegate selection process will culminate on April 4, 2020, with a Party-run primary. Alaska selected this date to participate regionally with Hawai’i.

Democrats across Alaska will gather by House District on April 18, 2019, to select party leaders for the next two years and elect Delegates to the State Convention. The Alaska Democratic Party State Convention will be held May 15-16, 2020 in Fairbanks, where delegates and alternates to the national convention will be selected.

Any voter who is a registered Democrat can participate in the presidential selection process. A voter may change their party registration to Democrat anytime between now and April 4, 2020 to be eligible to participate.

The entire delegate selection plan is available online, in addition to a one-page summary of the 2020 Alaska Presidential Preference party-run primary.

All Voting Centers will be open from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on April 4, 2020. Exact voting locations for Alaska Democratic Presidential Primary will be announced after October 2, 2019.

Members of the media with questions may contact Alaska Democrats Executive Director Jay Parmley at 907-258-3050

DNC Announces Organizing Investment In Alaska Rural Communities Ahead of November Elections

Today the Democratic National Committee announced a $150,000 grant to the Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) to help build organizing capacity ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, specifically in rural communities across the state.

Combining traditional boots-on-the-ground organizing with innovative digital and technological tools, this investment supports the DNC’s IWillVote initiative, which aims to reach 50 million voters nationwide by Election Day. This new investment supplements the $60,000 already awarded to the ADP through the State Party Innovation Fund.

“The new DNC has redoubled efforts to support our state parties, motivate voters to get to the polls, and organize around issues that matter for our country’s future,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “This investment helps to ensure that Democrats can talk to voters in every community, and that activists and candidates have the newest tools and resources they need to succeed. Make no mistake, rural values are on the ballot in November. Nowhere are rural issues more critical than Alaska, and we recognize a major opportunity to elect forward-thinking leaders like Alyse Galvin and Mark Begich, who has been a tireless champion for issues that matter most to rural families. We are proud to partner with the Alaska Democratic Party through this grant to expand our engagement in rural communities and support our candidates running up and down the ticket.”

“Alaska Democrats are committed to fighting for working families and ensuring we make the necessary investments to move our state forward,” said Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau. “We are focused on talking to Alaskans across the state about real solutions that will improve their lives, like reducing health care costs, investing in our public schools, protecting our lands and sustainable fish resources, and fixing our roads and bridges. We are thrilled that the DNC shares our commitment to mobilizing voters in every corner of Alaska, and recognizes the importance of electing leaders who truly understand and care about rural communities and their unique challenges.”

Contact: Jeanne Devon | 907-258-3076

ADP Release- Where Alaska’s Leaders Stand on the Inhumane Trump Family Separation

ROUNDUP: Where Alaska’s Leaders Stand on the Inhumane Trump Family Separation Policy

Statements are not Enough, Leadership Means Taking Action


As thousands of children remain separated from their parents and detained, President Trump just signed an Executive Order related to the ongoing crisis. Meanwhile, Alaska’s leaders have been scattered in their message and approach to dealing with the crisis. While Alaskans have overwhelmingly stated that they wish more was being done in Congress and within the Administration to immediately end this policy, Senator Murkowski is the only member of the state’s leadership team who has used her position to call for an immediate end to the practice of ripping children out of their parent’s arms. Governor Walker, Senator Sullivan, and Congressman Young all released statements noting the horrific act of separating families, yet they have refrained from actually taking any actions to end this crisis.  


Governor Walker


Walker Tweets About Border Separation Policy, But Stops Short of Using His Position or Administration to Engage on Issue.The last in the state’s leadership to weigh in on the ongoing crisis, Walker tweeted that the policy was frightening children and that families should stay together. Earlier in the week, however, Governor Walker declined to have his Administration participate in a letter signed by 22 state attorneys general calling on the Trump Administration to end the policy immediately.  [Twitter, 6/19/18; The Hill 6/19/18]


Senator Murkowski


Senator Murkowski Makes Definitive Statement, Signs Letter to Attorney General Sessions Calling for Immediate End to Family Separations. Murkowski called on the administration to immediately end the family separations which she described as “cruel” and “tragic.” Senator Murkowski also participated in a letter with other Republican Senators written directly to Attorney General Sessions calling for an end to family separations. [The Hill, 6/19/18]


Senator Sullivan


Sullivan Calls Child Separations “Heartbreaking”, But Stops Short of Calling for Immediate Stop. Sullivan called the family separations “heartbreaking”, but stopped short of calling for an immediate stop to the cruel practice, stating instead that Congress needed to find the “right balance” for immigration policy. [Anchorage Daily News, 6/19/18; Midnight Sun 6/19/18]


Congressman Young


Young Says He is “Sympathetic” to Family Separations, But Stops Short of Calling for Immediate Stop. Young’s office put out a statement explaining he was sympathetic to the separation of families, but focused on Congress finding legislation as a solution rather than an immediate end to the policy. [Anchorage Daily News, 6/19/18]


The bottom line: there is more that all of our state’s leaders could be doing do demonstrate that this horrific policy is unacceptable and does not reflect our values. Our Congressional delegation could take legislative action to ensure that no money is permitted to be spent on the separation and/or detainment of children at the border. The Governor could use his position as an executive to speak directly to the Trump Administration about ending this policy and publicly declare that no Alaska resources will be used to support these cruel separations. Tweets and statements are not enough, real leadership means taking action.

ADP Release: Alaska's Response to Trump's Family Separation Policy


Chair of ADP Calls for Governor to Step Up, Engage in Fight to Protect Children


Twenty-two state attorneys general sent President Trump a letter today demanding an end to the inhumane policy of separating families at the border. Alaska, however, was noticeably absent in the list.


In the letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen the attorneys general explained, “the policy is not only inhumane, but it also raises serious concerns regarding the violation of children’s rights, constitutional principles of due process and equal protection, and the efforts of state law enforcement officials to stop crime.”


“This is not just about the future of America’s immigration policy, but rather a reflection of our values and who we are as people,” said Casey Steinau Chair of the Alaska Democratic Party. “In Alaska, we embrace our diversity and know that it only makes us stronger."


Meanwhile a bipartisan group of seventy former US Attorneys also called on the Administration to end the family separation policy. Former U.S. Attorney, Karen Loeffler, from the District of Alaska did step up and sign that letter.


“There is simply no excuse for our leaders to sit by and silently watch as children are torn from their mother’s arms,” continued Steinau. We are calling on Governor Walker to immediately engage his Administration in the efforts to end this cruel policy. Alaskans are watching.”


Alaska Democratic Party Chair Statement on Representative Dean Westlake's Recent Announcement of Resignation

(Anchorage, AK) - Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) Chair Casey Steinau made the follow statement following Representative Westlake's recent announcement to resign.

“The Party thanks Representative Westlake for his service in representing District 40 and his constituents, and for coming to a difficult decision leading to the announcement of his resignation. In light of all the allegations of sexual misconduct, the Party is pleased and believe Representative Westlake made the right decision. We are committed to our zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy and will work with our candidates going forth in understanding our Code of Conduct and required sexual harassment awareness training course."

AK Dems Approve Code of Conduct, Candidates to Complete Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

(Anchorage, AK) - The Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) Chair Casey Steinau  announced today the approval of a Code of Conduct for the Democratic Party community by the executive committee, and an online sexual harassment training requirement for candidates working with ADP.

"In order to promote a truly representative democratic party open to all who support its principles, the code of conduct formally establishes a guideline that applies to all members of the party when bringing together community members. We hope that it will serve as a guide so that no person feels disrespected, but rather included in an open and welcoming environment."

The code of conduct lists three responsibility areas, including: Responsibility for Open Communication and Positive Collaboration, Responsibility for Creating a Culture of Respect, Inclusion, and Equity, and Responsibility to Ensure One's Own Safety and Create a Safe Environment for Others. As party members, ADP pledged to make every effort to encourage maximum participation while organizing in a safe, positive, and respectful manner.

The Party also announced all candidates participating in the 2018 coordinated campaign will be required to complete an online sexual harassment awareness course.

Alaska Democratic Party Chair on Alaska’s United States Senators Split Decision On Protecting Alaskans

Anchorage:  Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau said, “ We thank Senator Murkowski for listening to the voices of all Alaskans and voting no to move forward with the debate to repeal Obamacare.  Simply put, Senator Sullivan didn’t protect Alaskans.  Today he voted for 62,000 Alaskans to lose their healthcare and the elimination of 2,702 Alaska jobs. His vote today was a vote for 100 percent higher insurance rates.  Senator Sullivan is seemingly unwilling to do what is best for Alaska and continues to pander to the far right of the Republican Party, unconcerned if people live or die.”

Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau’s Statement on the Failure of the Alaska GOP Senate Majority to Pass a Budget

"The Alaska Senate Republican Majority adjourned today, the final day of a 30-day special session without allowing for debate or voting on the budget that passed that Alaska House of Representatives last night.  The Alaska GOP Senate Majority is the reason Alaska still hasn’t passed a budget putting our state employees and teachers at risk.  The Democratic-led House Majority since last November has set forth a plan to adopt a comprehensive fiscal plan for Alaska and their budget fully funded public education.  The House Majority hasn’t varied from this mission.  Unfortunately, the GOP Senate Majority has been unwilling to negotiate or even allow a vote on the budget and today they have failed to meet their constitutional obligation and left Alaska’s economic future in peril.”

Governor Walkers’s Nominee for Human Rights Commission Voted Down, Mainly on Party Lines

After a fraught and challenging first session of the 30th Legislature faced with historic revenue shortfalls and an almost $3 billion deficit, Governor Walker’s nominees for Boards and Commissions were finally heard in a joint floor proceeding by the House and Senate yesterday.  This series of votes came at the tail end of the constitutionally-allowed 121 day session, following postponement of a vote last month by the Senate Majority that offered little explanation as to the delay.

These votes, which should not be political in nature, have in recent years been weaponized by Republicans in the state House and Senate.  Surprisingly this year, after hours of floor debate that seemed to suggest otherwise, almost all—97 of 98— of the Governor’s nominees were confirmed by both bodies.  The sole nominee voted down was Pastor Drew Phoenix, a highly qualified candidate that was the subject of attack by Jim Minnnery’s far-right Alaska Family Action group.

Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau supported the Governor's choice of Phoenix and is tremendously disappointed that this nominee for the Human Rights Commission was voted down by a 25 – 34 vote yesterday.  “For so many of us in Alaska, Drew was the perfect nominee for this position—his past career experience coupled with his education and support in the community ought to have resulted in a unanimous vote by the legislature. However, simply because he is a transgender individual, fear and hatred skewed the process and resulted in a rejection of a nominee that we were, frankly, lucky to have in the first place.”

Other nominees whose confirmation votes were held up due to political reasons—Jahna Lindemuth for AG, Andy Mack for Natural Resources Commissioner, and former State Senator Hollis French for AOGCC—were all confirmed after a 4.5 hour debate on the floor. 

ADP Executive Director Jay Parmley reminds us that this is why elections are so important.  “When Alaskans vote for their legislators they expect them to consider the Governor’s appointees based on experience and credentials.  This is not the place for political grandstanding.  The actions of the legislature in rejecting the nomination of Drew Phoenix only further divides us and robs us of a greater conversation about human rights.”

For more information, please contact Katie Bruggeman at 907-570-4523.

Alaska House Legislature Censures Representative David Eastman Following a Pattern of Racist Verbal Attacks on Rural Alaskans

Today during a floor session of the legislature, in historic action, Representative David Eastman was censured by his peers in the State House following his insensitive and bigoted attacks against Alaska Native women in rural areas across the state.  Censure is a procedural measure that issues a formal reprimand for failure to uphold the dignity of elected office. 

Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau thanks Representative Ivy Spohnholz for introducing today’s action. She also applauds the other members of the Democratic-Led Majority caucus who joined in voting for censure, as well as the three Republican legislators who broke with their Party and also voted to censure Rep. Eastman.

“It was simply unacceptable that Rep. Eastman made such horrible, insensitive, and racist statements against Alaska women, let alone his refusal to offer a sincere apology after many individuals and groups have asked him to do so,” said Steinau.  “This type of behavior is unacceptable, and I am proud of the State House for standing up against such hatred and bigotry.”

For further comment please contact Katie Bruggeman at 907-570-4523.

Official ADP Statement on Trumpcare 2.0’s Passage in the US House

Party Chair Casey Steinau states, “We're disappointed, but not surprised, that the Republican-controlled House voted in favor of this corporate welfare tax giveaway masquerading as a health care bill.  Looking at American political history, this is one of the biggest transfers of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy elite.  This bill passed with a yes vote from Representative Don Young, who showed where his true allegiances lie:  with the insurance industry and millionaires, not Alaska families.

“Nonpartisan analysts as well as the American Medical Association, AARP, and many other advocacy groups have all said that Alaskans will suffer disproportionally under Trumpcare 2.0.   We call on the US Senate, and Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, to do the right thing, stand up for Alaskans, and reject this proposal once and for all.”

For more information, contact Katie Bruggeman at 907-570-4523.

Will Congressman Don Young Put Loyalty to Trump & Ryan Above Health Care Access for Alaskans?

This week, Republicans in Congress are trying to force another vote on their disastrous health care bill, a.k.a. TrumpCare 2.0, which would take health care away from 24 million Americans and raise premiums on older Americans.

Congressman Don Young still isn’t quite sure where he stands, even telling a HuffPost reporter last week that he’s “all over the place on health care”.

The first time Republicans in Congress tried to push this bill through, the bill had a dismal 17 percent approval from the public, it was opposed by non-partisan groups like the American Medical Association and AARP, and Republicans couldn’t get enough votes from their own caucus to pass it.

Now they took a bad bill and made it worse. In order to appease the most right-wing members of their caucus, Republicans changed the bill to allow states to opt out of protecting Americans who have pre-existing conditions like diabetes, asthma, and others.

The bill is still opposed by health groups, and 70 percent of Americans oppose the GOP’s newest scheme to allow states to opt out of protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions.

Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau calls on Congressman Young to make the right decision.  “Republicans in Congress took a bill that raises health care costs and made it worse, and Alaska will suffer disproportionately under this new proposal. It was bad enough that Republicans were ready to take health care away from 24 million and raise premiums on older Americans – now they want to threaten coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions. The question remains: will Congressman Young put his loyalty to Donald Trump and Paul Ryan before Alaskans’ health care?”

For more information, contact Katie Bruggeman at 907-570-4523.

The Trump Train Has Gone Off the Tracks, Caught on Fire, and Is Now Smoldering in a Ditch: His First 100 Days in Office

As of today, April 29th, Donald Trump will have served 100 days as President of the United States.  It has been surreal, to say the least.

Last week at a rally in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Trump told the crowd “No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days.”  (He also mentioned that Wisconsin is on the Canadian border, which would be disputed by every 3rd grader in America.)  His Administration has accomplished many things, but none of them have been positive.  In fact, it’s been a downright train wreck.

While chugging down the campaign trail, Donald Trump offered a series of bigoted, unrealistic proposals to an electorate that was divided and distracted by his noisy rhetoric.  Now 100 days into his Administration, the country has been thrown into a chaotic tailspin of false information, FBI investigations, bogus wiretapping claims, political flip-flops on everything from China as a currency manipulator to Mexico paying for “The Wall”, financial self-dealing, historically low approval ratings, and a possible government shutdown.  Up next:  a possible war with North Korea and a tax reform bill that will reduce revenue by $2 trillion over the next ten years while providing massive tax breaks to billionaires and corporations.

On top of the sheer incompetence of this Administration, it is also riddled with dishonesty and chaos.  “Trump lied his way into the White House, so it’s no surprise that his first 100 days have been filled with broken promises to the American people,” said Casey Steinau, Chair of the Alaska Democratic Party. “He lied about draining the swamp, delivering better health care, fighting for working Americans, and proposing infrastructure projects. Instead, he’s gone out of his way to hurt hardworking American families by trying to take away health care, making it harder to buy a home or pay back college loans, and proposed cutting services to pay for tax cuts for the rich. If Americans want their government to focus on an agenda that actually works for middle-class and working people – we need to resist Trump and elect a lot more Democrats.”

Executive Director Jay Parmley agrees.  “In President Trump’s first 100 days, he has not only failed to improve life for America’s working families; he has made things worse. He campaigned like an anti-establishment populist, but he has governed from the hard-right, giving sweetheart deals to the special interests and making the middle class—and those trying to get there—pay for it. President Trump has broken his promises on the economy, on health care, on draining the swamp, and has proposed a budget that fundamentally breaks his promise to improve the lives of millions of Americans. Combined with his administration’s many blunders, President Trump has spent his first 100 days hurting families across the country.”

Clearly the Trump train has jumped the tracks and is smoldering in a ditch somewhere in Middle America.  Hopefully America will elect more Democrats to Congress in 2018 and begin to salvage our government from the wreckage of this disastrous Administration.

For more information, contact Katie Bruggeman at 907-570-4523.

Statement by ADP on House and Senate Republicans’ Refusal to Vote on Governor’s Nominees

While the clock is ticking down on the extended regular session and with a mile long to-do list, House and Senate Republicans refuse to do their jobs in consideration of Governor Walker’s appointments to boards, commissions, and key administration posts.  

Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau is disappointed but not surprised. “These Republican lawmakers’ are acting with nothing more than arrogance and entitlement by failing to conduct joint sessions in consideration and roll call votes on the nominees.  Here’s the deal:  while these politicians hold hostage Governor Walker’s appointments, important state business is being put on hold.  They might think that it’s politically beneficial to block the Governor’s efforts to be an effective leader, but the voters are not buying it.”  

Executive Director Jay Parmley agrees.  “I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat:  if the people elect you to be a leader in the legislature, you do your job, period.  You don’t sit around down here and collect per diem on the state’s dime while wasting the time of hardworking Alaskans.”

For further comment contact Katie Bruggeman at 907-258-3050.

President Trump’s Proposed Federal Budget Would Be a Disaster for Alaska

Anchorage- Last week, President Trump released his first federal budget draft to Congress, and it was full of proposals to slash and burn essential federal budget items across the country.  From deep cuts to meals for impoverished elderly in Arizona, to a complete removal of cancer research funding in Washington state, Trump’s budget targets the most vulnerable people in America.  

The budget for fiscal year 2016 proposed by then-President Obama included nearly $8 billion in essential funding for Alaska through contracts, grants, loans, and other types of financial assistance. This is a stark contrast to Donald Trump, who proposes to cut almost all our existing federal funding.  During this time of fiscal chaos on the state level, it is important that we fight to retain this federal investment for crucial programs in Alaska.

It is doubtful that Alaska’s federal delegation will stand up for us and against President Donald Trump, as they have signaled their blind allegiance to him through cabinet nominee confirmation votes and other public statements of loyalty to him and the GOP.  

Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau is particularly disturbed to hear about proposed cuts to our federal investment in areas of environmental and transportation programs.  “Budgets are more than ink on a piece of paper—they outline priorities, and it is clear that Alaska is not a priority for Donald Trump.  Knowing Trump’s proposed budget, it is baffling to me that Republican Senators Murkowski and Sullivan, and Republican Representative Young continue to support the leader of their Party.  His proposed federal budget cuts will destroy our way of life in Alaska, particularly for Alaska Natives and others in rural areas.  

“For starters, Trump plans to eliminate all funding for the Essential Air Service which subsidizes flights in and out of rural Alaska.  Cuts to this program will isolate and abandon people who do not have the benefit of road access and are reliant on travel by small plane.  It is unacceptable that this is even an idea that’s been floated by the Republican party.

“Another devastating proposal would eliminate LIHEAP, a program that helps rural low-income families pay for high heating bills.  Our federal delegation has failed to create infrastructure or jobs in these communities, so the people that live there are dependent on federal funding to help heat their homes.  Without this help, elderly and children will freeze, with literally no other options to assist them.”

Alaska Democratic Party Executive Director Jay Parmley says Alaskans are terrified of Trump’s proposed budget.  “Looking at all of the potentially devastating cuts, it’s tough to pinpoint which will be the worst for Alaskans.  But the elimination of the water and wastewater loan program, which will cut almost $500 million in federal money to our villages across the state, will result in wide scale health and safety dangers.  Another huge problem would be cuts to the clean air grants, including $2.5 million in targeted funding for a Fairbanks program that reduces air pollution by paying people to swap out older wood stoves.  Anyone that’s spent time in Fairbanks in the winter understands that it’s insane to cut this program now, when they need it most.

“One thing is certain:  Donald Trump has no idea of the challenges that we face in Alaska.  By looking at the stark contrast between President Obama’s 2016 federal budget proposal and the budget proposed by President Trump, it is clear that the current Administration doesn’t think much of Alaska.”

We call on all Alaskans to reach out to Senator Lisa Murkowski, Senator Dan Sullivan, and Representative Don Young, and urge that they fight for us and the essential federal investment that is threatened by President Trump.

For further comment please contact Katie Bruggeman at 907-570-4523.

HB 111 Is A Great Start In Digging Alaska Out of our Current Fiscal Crisis

Anchorage- Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau applauds the leadership of Representative Geran Tarr, co-chair of the House Resources Committee and member of the Democrat-led House Majority, on her introduction of HB 111.  This legislation aims to fix a tax scheme that made the State of Alaska responsible for massive corporate welfare payouts to multi-billion-dollar oil companies through the hotly contested SB 21 two years ago. 

“HB 111 is a great start in remedying our current fiscal crisis, and we applaud Rep. Tarr for her leadership,” said Chair Steinau.  “This is especially helpful following two legislative sessions dominated by procrastination and distracting personal legislation by Republicans in the state House and Senate majorities.  We continue to advocate for a responsible and balanced approach to fixing Alaska’s budget crisis. 

“This legislation reopens a dialogue that has been nonstop among Alaskans since the price of oil crashed in 2014.  Due to provisions under SB 21, by the end of the summer, the state will owe over $1 billion in corporate welfare to Big Oil.  These subsidies have not yet been paid due to ongoing budget constraints, but soon it will be time to pay the piper.  If we don’t do something now, the problem will persist and the recession will get worse.

“You might remember that most Republicans in the House and Senate voiced overwhelming support for SB 21, which provided these enormous corporate welfare payouts to Big Oil.  Several Republicans in the House and Senate are employed by, or their spouses are employed by, oil industry corporations:  Senator Kevin Meyer (R-Anchorage) is a full-time Investment Recovery Coordinator for ConocoPhillips; Peter Micciche (R-Kenai), the Kenai Facility manager for ConocoPhillips, is an influential member of the Senate Resources Committee; and the husband of Senate Resources Chair Cathy Geissel (R-Anchorage) is a contractor with deep ties to the petroleum industry, and disclosure documents state that he earns between $200,000 and $500,000 per year in the industry.  It is no wonder that the SB 21 corporate welfare giveaway sailed through with so many Republican oil industry friends in the state legislature.

“Yet again, this is an example of the differences between the two political parties in Alaska.  Democrats in the legislature will not put corporate greed ahead of everyday, hard-working Alaskans who continue to be asked to do more to tackle our state’s fiscal crisis. Republicans continue to seek huge payouts to their friends in the oil industry.  Perhaps the piper will lead those oil industry rats out of the Capitol building at some point soon.”

For further information, please contact Katie Bruggeman at 258-3050. 

Statement by Party Chair Casey Steinau on Senator Sullivan’s Endorsement of Betsy DeVos

Anchorage- In a press release yesterday, Senator Dan Sullivan offered an unabashed endorsement to Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos, assuring his supporters that she will be a knowledgeable and dedicated advocate for Alaska's children. 

“This nominee is wrong for Alaska and wrong for the country,” said Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau.  “We roundly oppose this nominee for many reasons. To start, she is wildly unqualified and has no experience with public schools as a parent, teacher, or student. She lacks the depth of knowledge that is required to navigate through the complex school district systems, grant funded programs, and academic requirements within our nation’s schools across the country.  

 “Additionally, DeVos’ statements reveal that she would disproportionately rely on digital learning as a replacement for teacher-student relationships.  While digital learning can create positive results for some students, it is not a catch-all for our nation’s children.  For example, low income children sometimes benefit from additional help from teachers and teachers’ assistants in the classroom.  We need to ensure that all of our children—not just those at the top of the economic ladder—have the best possible opportunities to learn and grow.

 “Finally, when questioned by a Congressional panel, DeVos voiced utter confusion regarding the IDEA program, which focuses on children with disabilities. Alaskans expect a Secretary of Education who possess basic knowledge of a foundational program designed to help children that experience disabilities.  It is downright worrisome that DeVos could not answer critical questions about the program.

 “While Senator Sullivan is a partisan, I urge him to consider the disastrous ramifications of confirming Betsy DeVos and Alaska Democrats call on him to reconsider his decision for the future of the children of Alaska and our country.”

 For additional information, Communications Director Katie Bruggeman can be reached at 258-3050

Democrats Hire New Executive Director

Anchorage - After a month’s long national search, the Alaska Democratic Party today announced Jay Parmley as the Party’s new Executive Director effective February 1, 2017.

Parmley brings over a decade of experience working with state party organizations.  He served as Chair and Executive Director of the Oklahoma Democratic Party from 2001-2005, and Executive Director of the South Carolina and North Carolina Democratic Parties.  He led the Democratic National Committee’s efforts for two years on the ground with the Mississippi Democratic Party at the inception of the national committee’s 50 state strategy.  

During the 2016 election cycle, he directed the Alaska Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign working with legislative candidates and campaigns.  Previously he served as director of a political action committee focused on building the Democratic bench in the South.

“We are excited Jay Parmley will join our team.  Jay’s long time commitment to building stronger state parties and working with party activists, donors, candidates, and community leaders is exactly what we need as the Alaska Democratic Party prepares for the 2018 election,” said Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau.  “As we have worked with Jay over the last year, we have seen first-hand his commitment to building a more vibrant grassroots activist base and working with our candidates to run quality campaigns across our state.”

He got his start in Democratic politics in the 1990’s through active participation in the Young Democrats eventually serving as President of the Young Democrats of America. 

Parmley holds a Master of Public Administration and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma as well as an Associates of Arts in Business Administration from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.

Parmley will replace Kay Brown, who has been serving as the party’s Executive Director since 2011.



What others say about Jay Parmley


“Jay Parmley was one of the best Chairs and Executive Directors Oklahoma Democrats have ever had.  Personable, smart, strategic and successful.”

Governor David Walters

State of Oklahoma, 1991-1995


“Jay Parmley engaged Alaskans across the state and was instrumental in Democratic victories across Alaska.  His experience and passion for moving Alaska Democrats forward is what we need to continue our momentum.”

Representative David Guttenberg, D-Fairbanks

Alaska House of Representatives


"In Jay Parmley, Alaska gets a tough, tactical and strategic professional with a national network, but also with a personality for in-state team-building."

David Parker, Chair

North Carolina Democratic Party, 2011-2013


“Without Jay Parmley as Executive Director, I wouldn't have made it through 4 years as SC Democratic Party Chair. He is truly the best party staffer in the country.”

Carol Fowler, Chair

South Carolina Democratic Party, 2007-2011


Democrats Stand With Greg Jones


December 7, 2016

CONTACT: Kay Brown (907) 258-3074

Anchorage - Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau today issued the following statement in response to comments by Anchorage Assemblywoman Amy Demboski and the controversy stirred by her repetition of a national alt-right report that Islamic supporters are stockpiling arms in Alaska.

“I am saddened and outraged by the recent insinuations against Greg Jones.  I know Greg and his wife personally and they are fine, upstanding people who care deeply about our community. I consider Greg to be one of the kindest people I know.

“The Alaska Democratic Party opposes anti-Muslim rhetoric and believes that tolerance, understanding, religious liberty and unity are the best ways to attain peace. Our Executive Committee recently adopted the following resolution on this topic,” Steinau said.


Adopted by ADP Executive Committee 9/20/16

WHEREAS the genesis of the United States of America was partially in creating a system of governance that not only encourages religious diversity, but enshrines religious liberty in its founding secular documents; and

WHEREAS From its earliest days the United States of America has been made stronger by the many diverse cultures and beliefs of its citizens; and

WHEREAS Increasingly anti-Muslim rhetoric, including the potential exclusion of Muslims based on their country of origin, or solely by virtue of their religion, has been voiced in the national immigration debate, and

WHEREAS Exclusionary and bigoted rhetoric against specific religions serves only to undermine the principles of our nation, and undermine a principle that serves to unify us all despite any differences of spirituality, and

BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska Democratic Party strongly voices its support for a core value of the founding of the United States, the freedom of religion, and further

BE IT RESOLVED the Alaska Democratic Party stands resolute with its Muslim brothers and sisters, and brothers and sisters of all faiths, in seeking “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, and

BE IT RESOLVED the Alaska Democratic Party condemns anti-Muslim rhetoric, so-called ‘faith based vetting’, and religious intolerance, and

BE IT RESOLVED that the Democratic Party strongly voices its support of our many cultures and beliefs and that tolerance, understanding, religious liberty and unity is the best way to attain peace, and

FINALLY BE IT RESOLVED The Alaska Democratic Party will work to defeat the efforts of those who would see us divided along the lines of religion.


Alaska Democrats Demand Co-Chairs Renounce Trump


CONTACT: Jake Hamburg (907) 258-3077

ANCHORAGE: Responding to Donald Trump’s offensive, demeaning, and vulgar comments published by the Washington Post, ADP Chair Casey Steinau issued the following statement:

“Donald Trump clearly does not share our values and is unfit to be our next President.

“Trump has shown a pattern of disrespecting and demeaning women throughout his campaign. There is no excuse for continuing to support a man who brags about harassing and preying on women.”

 “To those Republicans serving on the Trump campaign in Alaska, including those currently holding public office, it’s time to do the right thing. You cannot simply distance yourself from his offensive rhetoric and still encourage Alaskans to vote for him. It’s time for each co-chair to speak out against sexual violence against women and join other Republicans in publicly renouncing Donald Trump as their preferred candidate for President.”

The following Republicans are members of Alaska’s Trump campaign team: Jim Crawford, Mead Treadwell, John Coghill, Rick Mystrom, Drue Pearce, Dan Fauske, Loren Leman, Mike Chenault, Charlie Huggins, Lesil McGuire, Amy Demboski, Dr. Jerry Prevo, Frank Dahl, Don Kubley, Craig Compeau, Paul Fuhs, John Sturgeon, Dave Schilling, Gabrielle Rubenstein, John MacKinnon, Dave Cuddy, Matt Waggoner, Glenn Biegel, Richard Carr, Dave Cruz, Robert Hall, Ed O'Neill, George Owletuck, Glenn Clary, Wayne Anthony Ross