April 27, 2015

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Double Overtime with a Focus on the Budget, Medicaid, and Erin’s Law

Governor calls special session after Republicans fail to fund 2016 budget, expand Medicaid or pass Erin’s Law

ANCHORAGE: The proclamation from Gov. Walker comes after Republicans passed a budget that left the state $3.2 billion short for 2016, failed to expand healthcare coverage to thousands of working Alaskans, and said “no” to a common sense solution to help children combat sexual abuse.

The budget passed by the majority, refused to place oil tax credits on the table during negotiations. Currently, the state pays out $640 million more in tax credits than we receive in production taxes. Rather than asking for a fair share of Alaska’s oil, Republicans chose to place the burden of Alaska’s deficit on the backs of our children by draining $1.3 billion from education’s forward funding.

The majority also refused to expand Medicaid, despite polls showing that the majority of Alaskans support using federal funds to expand affordable healthcare to thousands of working Alaskans.

Erin’s law will also be addressed during the special session. Erin’s Law is a highly effective tool to help our children identify and combat sexual abuse.

“Republican legislators have lost touch with Alaskans,” said Mike Wenstrup chair of the Alaska Democratic Party. “It’s time to make the right cuts, expand Medicaid, and pass Erin’s Law.”