April 13, 2015

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Republican lawmaker fails to rally anti-Medicaid testimony

Secret email shows Republican unsuccessfully paddling against the current as public support for Medicaid expansion in Alaska grows

ANCHORAGE: Rep. Lora Reinbold recently sent out an email rallying anti-Medicaid expansion testimony. Despite her efforts, more than 75% of witnesses spoke Saturday, at a legislative hearing in support of Medicaid Expansion. Some counts were 81 supports – 24 against.

Support for Expansion is growing. To date: 153 municipalities, organizations and businesses have committed public support.

Reinbold requested that the recipients don’t pass out the call-in number, stating: “they [supporters of Expansion] are much more organized so give the number out cautiously, don’t post it to facebook.”

Reinbold later told KTUU, “There’s lobbyists and special interest groups all over the Capitol, and these people are able to come testify in person. I thought it was critical for other Alaskans who don’t have connections like that to have a voice.”

Reinbold did not mention that Koch Brothers funded group has made Medicaid opposition their primary goal for the session, and sponsored a Medicaid lunch and learn at the capital earlier this year.

Multiple recent polls, including polls commissioned by the State House Republicans, show a large majority of Alaskans support Medicaid Expansion.