June 18, 2015

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Yet Again, Rep. Young’s Ethics are the Center of a News Story

Don Young has again made a questionable call and is holding a fundraiser in Puerto Rico merely days before his subcommittee holds a hearing on Puerto Rican statehood

ANCHORAGE:  Politico reports that Alaska Rep. Don Young has made another unseemly decision. Young is holding a fundraiser in Puerto Rico that is hosted by a pro-state political action committee, only days before he chairs a subcommittee hearing on the issue of Puerto Rican Statehood.

Young has been a long time proponent of Puerto Rican statehood. According to Politico, the congressman has raised over $100,000 dollars from the region since being elected.

Politico reported that when asked by reporters about the appropriateness of holding the fundraiser so close to the hearing, Young’s temper got the best of him and he scolded the press saying, “Don’t forget, never address me again.”

Issues surrounding Rep. Young’s ethics have never escaped him and have led to feuds with the current House leadership. Past indiscretions, including the Coconut Road scandal cost the congressman his power as ranking member on the Natural Resources Committee, a position that was of great importance to Alaska.

Last year his own party rebuked Young for the acceptance of improper gifts. In response to the findings by the House Ethics Committee the congressman said they were mere “oversights.”

"Once again, Congressman Young is using his public office for political advantage,” said Mike Wenstrup, chair of the Alaska Democratic Party. “The fact that he can’t see why it’s inappropriate to hold this fundraiser highlights his impaired sense of ethical conduct.”