September 1, 2015

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While Alaskans cheered on President Obama’s visit, Americans for Prosperity’s Alaska Chapter was shut down on multiple fronts

ANCHORAGE: It’s no secret that the Koch Brother-funded Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has been involved in Alaska politics. Their ads always have national bend and usually refer to President Obama in some negative fashion. We recently saw that tactic at the local level during the Anchorage municipal election.

One would expect that with the President himself, the bane of their existence, in Anchorage, Americans for Prosperity would be able to wield their grassroots might and have a big anti-Obama presence.

Well, after being given the same amount of organizing time as other groups, Americans for Prosperity was unable to organize enough people to rally against Obama and canceled their sponsored event.

The Alaska Dispatch News reported that AFP state director Jeremy Price blamed lack of time and road closures as the reasoning for not being able to show their grassroots organizing ability.

On top of not being able to get anti-Obama protesters to the Anchorage park strip, the Alaska Supreme Court struck down the Majority’s frivolous anti-Medicaid expansion lawsuit. Americans for Prosperity had made stopping Medicaid expansion a major focal point of theirs, even holding a “lunch-and-learn” at the state capitol.

Americans for Prosperity has had a difficult time actually organizing people in Alaska. Earlier this summer, Reuters reported on their difficulties in an article entitled, “Koch Brothers' political group struggles in Alaska.”

The cancelation of their Anchorage rally highlights their inability to show actual grassroots organizing ability. However, they still run ads in an attempt to influence Alaskans, most recently in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reportedon the ads, and one editor noticed the lack of support for the outside ads.

“The Alaska chapter of Americans for Prosperity has struggled to have a visible, real Alaskan presence,” said Mike Wenstrup chair of the Alaska Democratic Party. “Yesterday was a good day for Alaskans and a bad day for the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity.”