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ANCHORAGE: Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau released the following statement in response to yesterday's ruling on the House District 40 Primary Election:

“We are deeply disappointed in the decision overturning the results of the Democratic Primary election in House District 40.

“It’s unprecedented for a judge to take away the votes of people who rightfully voted in their precinct. We believe the judge’s job is to interpret the law and determine whether there was intentional wrong doing, not to reallocate the votes based on a historical average of past elections and questionable expert testimony.

“This decision is especially ironic in light of its’ reliance on the so-called expert testimony of former Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich, who was fined by the State of Alaska in 2004 for violating ethics laws related to his partisan conduct while serving as a commissioner on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.  He was fined a $12,000 civil penalty – believed to be the largest civil fine ever imposed in a state ethics case.

“We look forward to the Alaska Supreme Court’s review of this decision.”