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ANCHORAGE: Responding to Donald Trump’s offensive, demeaning, and vulgar comments published by the Washington Post, ADP Chair Casey Steinau issued the following statement:

“Donald Trump clearly does not share our values and is unfit to be our next President.

“Trump has shown a pattern of disrespecting and demeaning women throughout his campaign. There is no excuse for continuing to support a man who brags about harassing and preying on women.”

 “To those Republicans serving on the Trump campaign in Alaska, including those currently holding public office, it’s time to do the right thing. You cannot simply distance yourself from his offensive rhetoric and still encourage Alaskans to vote for him. It’s time for each co-chair to speak out against sexual violence against women and join other Republicans in publicly renouncing Donald Trump as their preferred candidate for President.”

The following Republicans are members of Alaska’s Trump campaign team: Jim Crawford, Mead Treadwell, John Coghill, Rick Mystrom, Drue Pearce, Dan Fauske, Loren Leman, Mike Chenault, Charlie Huggins, Lesil McGuire, Amy Demboski, Dr. Jerry Prevo, Frank Dahl, Don Kubley, Craig Compeau, Paul Fuhs, John Sturgeon, Dave Schilling, Gabrielle Rubenstein, John MacKinnon, Dave Cuddy, Matt Waggoner, Glenn Biegel, Richard Carr, Dave Cruz, Robert Hall, Ed O'Neill, George Owletuck, Glenn Clary, Wayne Anthony Ross