February 24, 2015

CONTACT: Jake Hamburg (907) 258-3077

ANCHORAGE: Today the Alaska Democratic Party announced they will host 34 Caucus locations throughout the state where Alaska Democrats will meet to help select their party’s nominee for President of the United States on March 26th. A list of Caucus locations and pre-registration to participate in the Caucuses are available at

“We are excited for Democrats to come together and make history by helping select our party’s nominee for President of the United States,” said Casey Steinau, chair of the Alaska Democratic Party. “Caucusing is a fun way to get involved in grassroots activities with the Alaska Democratic Party.”

Democratic Caucuses are scheduled in all the major communities and in a number of villages and smaller communities. At least one Caucus will be held in each State House District. Caucus locations, pre-registration, and other useful information is available online at

“Alaskans intending to participate in the Caucuses can save themselves time in line by registering to vote or re-registering as a Democrat before March 8th,” said Steinau. “Democrats can also pre-register online to help ensure a fun and well-organized event.”

Caucuses will begin at 10:00am at all locations on Saturday, March 26, 2016. Voters must be present and registered as a Democrat to vote for their preferred Presidential nominee at the Caucus. Anyone not registered as a Democrat by March 8th will not appear on the sign-in list resulting in longer wait times. However, Alaskans will be able to change their party affiliation or register to vote at the Caucus.

After voting for the party’s nominee for President at the House District Caucuses on March 26th, Alaska Democrats will elect delegates to the State Convention in proportion to the votes each candidate received. The State Convention will be held May 13-15 in Anchorage. Those interested in becoming a delegate are encouraged to attend the Alaska Democratic Party’s fourth delegate training workshop in person or via videoconference at noon Saturday, March 19th.

“We want to encourage greater involvement in our political process,” Steinau said. “This workshop is an opportunity for Democrats to learn how they can run and serve as delegates to the party’s state and national conventions.”

The Alaska Democratic Party is also looking for volunteers to help the process run smoothly at all 34 locations.  

“These Caucuses are successfully held with the help of wonderful volunteers,” said Steinau. “We are always grateful for any help with ensuring the Caucuses run smoothly during this historic nomination process.”