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Statement from the Alaska Democratic Party

ANCHORAGE: Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau released the following statement in response to revelations that Representative Cathy Munoz wrote letters on behalf of the defendants in two child sex abuse cases:

"Representative Munoz’s decision to ignore the victims of abuse while protecting those responsible is wholly unacceptable. It’s hard to imagine a greater evil than hurting a child. Sex crimes are especially heinous and haunt children for a lifetime. Elected officials like Munoz should never write letters like these during sentencing, regardless of the letterhead used or how close she is to the offenders. Alaska has a problem with child abuse and sexual assault. Her choice to dedicate energy and resources to protect someone convicted on eight felony counts of child endangerment and a dangerous child molester is a manifestation of the serious problem in Juneau today. Munoz had her chance to tell her side of the story and her defense indicates she does not understand the seriousness of the situation. Unfortunately, this is not the first time she exercised the wrong judgment."