(Anchorage, AK) - The Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) Chair Casey Steinau  announced today the approval of a Code of Conduct for the Democratic Party community by the executive committee, and an online sexual harassment training requirement for candidates working with ADP.

"In order to promote a truly representative democratic party open to all who support its principles, the code of conduct formally establishes a guideline that applies to all members of the party when bringing together community members. We hope that it will serve as a guide so that no person feels disrespected, but rather included in an open and welcoming environment."

The code of conduct lists three responsibility areas, including: Responsibility for Open Communication and Positive Collaboration, Responsibility for Creating a Culture of Respect, Inclusion, and Equity, and Responsibility to Ensure One's Own Safety and Create a Safe Environment for Others. As party members, ADP pledged to make every effort to encourage maximum participation while organizing in a safe, positive, and respectful manner.

The Party also announced all candidates participating in the 2018 coordinated campaign will be required to complete an online sexual harassment awareness course.