While the clock is ticking down on the extended regular session and with a mile long to-do list, House and Senate Republicans refuse to do their jobs in consideration of Governor Walker’s appointments to boards, commissions, and key administration posts.  

Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau is disappointed but not surprised. “These Republican lawmakers’ are acting with nothing more than arrogance and entitlement by failing to conduct joint sessions in consideration and roll call votes on the nominees.  Here’s the deal:  while these politicians hold hostage Governor Walker’s appointments, important state business is being put on hold.  They might think that it’s politically beneficial to block the Governor’s efforts to be an effective leader, but the voters are not buying it.”  

Executive Director Jay Parmley agrees.  “I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat:  if the people elect you to be a leader in the legislature, you do your job, period.  You don’t sit around down here and collect per diem on the state’s dime while wasting the time of hardworking Alaskans.”

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