A resolution affirming the Alaska Democratic Party’s commitment to its Code of Conduct promoting diversity and respect for others and encouraging members to be leaders by example


WHEREAS, the Alaska Democratic party is founded upon the principles of diversity and inclusiveness; and

WHEREAS, the Alaska Democratic Party seeks to intentionally support and promote a culture of Respect, Inclusion, and Equity; and

WHEREAS, in the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, all members are responsible for making participation in Democratic organizations a safe, positive and productive experience for everyone; and

WHEREAS, striving for open, inclusive, positive language will promote participation; and

WHEREAS, The Alaska Democratic Party strives to respect the dignity and recognize the merit of every individual; and

WHEREAS, we encourage all members to take a leadership stance when witnessing inappropriate, sexist, racist language, harassment, and/or behavior that victimizes another;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the State Executive Committee reaffirms the tenets contained in the Alaska Democratic Party Code of Conduct and the spirit of good will with it was created.


Adopted by the Alaska Democratic Party Executive Committee on March 30, 2019

Resolution in Support of US Senate Bill 1804:  Medicare For All and US House Bill 676:  Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Acts

Whereas American families stagger under the burden of private health insurance premiums and health care deductibles -- $18,000 annually, for the average family – and;

Whereas Americans must fight with private insurers to receive the benefits they are entitled to and;

Whereas private insurers often dictate which services are available to subscribers, they value profit over human life;

Whereas the United States of America is the only industrialized nation where medical bills directly result in bankruptcies – there were 643,000 medically-related bankruptcies in 2017 – and;

Whereas 36,500,000 Americans – 11.3% -- of our population have no health insurance and;

Whereas the absence of a national health care program results in people turning to emergency rooms for primary care, resulting in needlessly large bills for primary care that are paid by others who have health insurance and;

Whereas private health insurance providers consume twenty cents of each premium dollar for “administrative expenses” while the Medicare Administration provides similar services for only two pennies from each health care dollar and;

Whereas, the US Senate SB 1804, Medicare for All Act and the US House of Representative HR 676, Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act advocate for a single-payer National Healthcare Plan (NHP) that provide a practical way to expand comprehensive health care to all Americans combining numerous improvements to the fairness and efficiency of medical care delivery so savings are redirected to underfunded health priorities that would be affordable over the long term and;

Whereas The Commonwealth study rated our present health care system dead-last compared to those of other industrialized nations in terms of quality, access, efficiency, equity, health education and per capita health care expenditures and;

Whereas our present health care system is an enormous burden on our nation’s employers, diminishing profitability and resulting in our products being less competitively priced and;

Whereas our present health care system forces people to stay in unhealthy relationships and in jobs they hate, just for the sake of health care and;

Whereas the health of our children, our parents, our brothers and sisters, our friends and neighbors and our fellow citizens is too precious to place in the hands of those whose main concern is profit and who are only beholden to their shareholders and;

Whereas many American families are reduced to holding bake sales and car washes and must often drain their savings and liquidate their treasured possessions to pay for life-saving health care, now be it

Resolved that the Executive Committee of the Alaska State Democratic Party:

1)      Urges all Democrats throughout Alaska to renew their commitment to single-payer health care,

2)      Urges all Alaska Democrats to contact their U.S. Senators and Congressman ask them to support Senate Bill 1804

3)      Urges all Alaska Democrats to educate their friends and neighbors concerning the present health care crisis, how SB 1804 and HR 676 could reduce health care administrative costs and provide our government with the leverage we need to drive down health care costs and how we can make sure that every single American will enjoy basic healthcare without creating financial hardship.

Adopted by the Executive Committee of the Alaska Democratic Party on Saturday, November 4, 2017


Adopted by ADP Executive Committee 9/20/16

WHEREAS wages that fall below the poverty line causes an undue burden upon taxpayers who have to provide welfare support to an inordinate amount of people; and

WHEREAS it can be reasoned that large companies who have a large population of employees earning less than a minimum wage, in essence are indirectly being subsidized by taxpayers; and

WHEREAS people who have more than one job in order to support their families are, in essence, reducing the number of jobs available to others; and

WHEREAS people who have more than one job in order to support their families are incurring a societal cost to their communities through their absence from their families in that their ability to shape and influence their children’s character and moral fiber is degraded; and

WHEREAS Alaskans have a right to life and liberty, neither of which is possible without a living wage, and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska Democratic Party supports Fifteen dollars an hour for a minimum living wage indexed to the United States Chained Consumer Price Index, which will lift Alaskans out of poverty, ensure that government resources aren’t stressed, and decrease unemployment by reducing the number of jobs an Alaskan must have to live to one.   



Adopted by ADP Executive Committee 9/20/16

WHEREAS the genesis of the United States of America was partially in creating a system of governance that not only encourages religious diversity, but enshrines religious liberty in its founding secular documents; and

WHEREAS From its earliest days the United States of America has been made stronger by the many diverse cultures and beliefs of its citizens; and

WHEREAS Increasingly anti-Muslim rhetoric, including the potential exclusion of Muslims based on their country of origin, or solely by virtue of their religion, has been voiced in the national immigration debate, and

WHEREAS Exclusionary and bigoted rhetoric against specific religions serves only to undermine the principles of our nation, and undermine a principle that serves to unify us all despite any differences of spirituality, and

BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska Democratic Party strongly voices its support for a core value of the founding of the United States, the freedom of religion, and further

BE IT RESOLVED the Alaska Democratic Party stands resolute with its Muslim brothers and sisters, and brothers and sisters of all faiths, in seeking “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, and

BE IT RESOLVED the Alaska Democratic Party condemns anti-Muslim rhetoric, so-called ‘faith based vetting’, and religious intolerance, and

BE IT RESOLVED that the Democratic Party strongly voices its support of our many cultures and beliefs and that tolerance, understanding, religious liberty and unity is the best way to attain peace, and

FINALLY BE IT RESOLVED The Alaska Democratic Party will work to defeat the efforts of those who would see us divided along the lines of religion.