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Alaska Democratic Party Agenda

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Energy, Education, and Alaska Values.

The Alaska Democratic Party's agenda is focused on strong families and a strong middle class.  Energy and education are the foundation of sustainable economic growth in Alaska.  The Alaska Democratic Party Agenda is a comprehensive plan to grow our state’s economy while honoring our unique heritage and Alaska values.



Resource development:
Alaska's Constitution requires that we obtain the "maximum benefit" from resource development.  Alaska Democrats support the bipartisan concept of the Owner State and will work to control our own resources.

Affordable Energy:

Delivering affordable energy to all Alaskans must be a top priority for the legislature.


Short Term:

  • Restore an oil production tax structure that rewards development and maximizes returns to Alaskans
  • Support energy efficiency investments that pay for themselves
  • Prioritize energy investments


Long Term:

  • Get natural gas to market and maximize the benefit for Alaskans
  • Expand renewable/alternative energy production



Human capital is our most valuable natural resource.  Investing non-renewable resource profits in our children will pay sustained dividends for Alaska.

Short Term:

  • Finish University of Alaska engineering facilities
  • Ensure classroom funding keeps pace with inflation

Long Term:

  • Establish universal voluntary Pre-K
  • Reduce class sizes
  • Ensure vocational and technical training opportunities are available for all Alaska job seekers
  • Expand research capacity of the University of Alaska



The state legislature should support Alaska values of self-reliance, subsistence, personal privacy, government restraint, and balanced budgets.

Short Term:

  • Support Medicaid Expansion
  • Protect the Permanent Fund Dividend
  • Protect Alaskans’ right to self-reliance
  • Defend Alaskans’ Right to Privacy
  • Protect Alaskans’ property from government seizure
  • Support active duty and veteran servicemembers
  • Re-establish the Alaska Commission on the Status of Women
  • Protect Alaska’s Constitutional language prohibiting use of public funding for private schools

Long Term:

  • Expand Denali KidCare
  • Equality of Voting Access for rural and urban areas
  • Support active duty and veteran servicemembers
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Expand child care assistance for working families
  • Support local food production
  • Protect Alaskans’ retirement savings


The Alaska Democratic Party Agenda builds on the Party Platform adopted at the last biannual convention in Fairbanks:


Alaska Democratic Party Platform


    The Alaska Democratic Party moves our state forward by working for the best interests of all Alaskans. We are committed to fairness, hard work, integrity, and personal responsibility. We strive for healthy families and communities, economic opportunity and prosperity. We honor good citizenship and patriotism. We believe the essence of Alaska’s democracy is active participation in fair elections and we encourage every eligible Alaskan to vote. We nominate, elect and support Alaskans who are committed to serve the public interest. Valuing diversity and individualism, we stand united as Alaska Democrats.



    Constitutional Rights. We support all the individual rights guaranteed in the United States and Alaska Constitutions and believe that they apply to human beings only, not to artificial entities such as corporations, and that all levels of government must protect these rights.

    Equality. We are committed to the protection of full civil and equal rights for all people and the continued efforts to eliminate all forms of discrimination.

    Privacy. We support Alaskans’ rights to privacy, confidentiality, and freedom of choice, including religion, reproduction, medical care, and life partners.

    Resources. Alaska’s diverse and abundant human and natural resources must be nurtured, protected and developed for the sustainable growth necessary to ensure prosperity for all our peoples for future generations.  As resource owners, Alaskans are entitled to complete and accurate information and the ability to influence decisions on use and development of our resources.


    Education. Alaskans deserve a world-class education system where every student is engaged and supported to reach full potential. We support comprehensive and equitable public education from early childhood through rigorous college and career ready programs to a strong higher education system.  We support higher education that is affordable for students, and recognize that education produces strong returns on investment.

    Jobs. Our economy depends on the development of a ready and well-trained Alaska workforce. Alaska jobs should be filled by Alaskans. We are committed to full employment, a living wage, equal employment opportunity, and a safe, healthy, harassment-free workplace.

    Environment. Alaska’s quality of life and robust economy depend on our natural environment. We support reducing pollution through green technologies and infrastructure, energy efficiency, waste reduction, recycling, and proper management and cleanup of hazardous and solid waste. Use of verifiable scientific research and traditional knowledge is essential to ensure environmental protection and appropriate responses to climate change and ocean acidification. We support open spaces, trails, and recreational opportunities.  We support balanced and rigorous public participation in all activities that impact Alaska’s environment.

    Health & Social Services. Every Alaskan has a fundamental human right to quality affordable health care. We support preventative education and treatment of chronic disease and social ills, including mental health, alcoholism, substance abuse, diabetes, domestic violence, sexual assault and suicide.

    Alaska's Military. Alaska's military, both active duty and veterans, are heroes and should be provided with access to highest quality medical and psychological services in regional facilities. Reservist and National Guard members and families have the right to appreciation, support, and services, to protection of civilian jobs while deployed and to reasonable and compassionate consideration in regard to multiple deployments.

    Justice. Alaskans must be secure against crime. We advocate for restorative justice and efforts to reduce recidivism. Victims have the right to restitution and to participate in the criminal justice process. Sentences should be fair and just, and the correction system should be publicly owned and operated in Alaska with individuals incarcerated close to their communities.

    Subsistence. Subsistence activities are vital to the survival of rural Alaskans and indigenous cultures. We support an Alaska constitutional amendment to guarantee subsistence activities of rural Alaskans, and policies that protect and preserve the culture of Alaska’s indigenous peoples.

    Rural Life. We respect and support all rural Alaska communities, including their traditional cultural ways of life for current and future generations.  We support access to equitable education, communications, clean water, sewer, power, public safety and health services. We support state recognition of Alaska Native tribal governments and the continued cooperation between state and tribal courts. We support continued development of healthy, vibrant rural communities through the creation of economic opportunity that balances with the subsistence-based economy.

    Labor Relations. We strongly support the right of every Alaskan to choose to join and/or organize a union, to negotiate and ratify contracts in good faith and to participate in union activities without fear of reprisal. Negotiated contracts must be honored and enforced free of discrimination.

    Business. The development and growth of Alaskan-owned businesses, cooperatives and industries are essential to our economy. We support responsible development of our natural and human resources, and promote in-state value-added processing of resources with revenue reinvested in Alaska.


    Accountable Leadership. We insist on open, honest and accountable public officials. We are committed to a vigilant effort to expose corruption wherever it exists. We hold our public servants to the highest standard of integrity and accountability in all levels of government, and require that they serve only the public interest, and govern in an open, inclusive and respectful way. Our leaders must promote public participation and easy access to government proceedings.

    State Fiscal Policy. Alaska must have a responsible, long-term fiscal plan that provides for essential government services and infrastructure, includes community revenue sharing, and protects the Alaska Permanent Fund and its dividends.

    State Energy Policy. Alaska must lead in the development of environmentally responsible energy technologies, efficient use of Alaska’s conventional and renewable energy resources, enhanced energy efficiency and conservation. Alaskans deserve access to affordable, sustainable energy.

    International Relations. We support diplomacy to advance international peace and economic prosperity, backed at all times by a strong national defense capability. We support multinational efforts to stop genocide, eliminate hunger, control disease, protect human rights, support collective bargaining for living wages and benefits, protect the environment, and promote justice, prosperity and peace in the world. We are committed to nuclear disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation.



    Alaska Democrats embrace and support the rights of tribal governments and indigenous Alaskans, as recognized by state and federal courts.


    Adopted at the State Convention of the Alaska Democratic Party.

    Fairbanks, Alaska

    May 13, 2012

    Updated at the State Convention of the Alaska Democratic Party.

    Nome, Alaska

    May 18th, 2014

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